You can play the Axis forces, the USSR, or… both. Playing both at the same time will allow you to test unique historical scenarios or alternative histories of your own.

As the commander-in-chief, you will have to make historical strategic choices.

The game is quick to learn, hard to master

The base unit here is the army, so you will not need to move and survey countless units. And the game is turn-based (one turn equals one week).

Cauldrons of War is a serie of wargames

Cauldrons of War -Stalingrad

From the Battle for Crimea to Stalingrad and operations Uranus and Saturn, you can revive the important events of the year 1942 on the eastern front.

Key features

  • 6 Historical scenarios : Fall Blau, Kharkov & Crimea 1942, Edelweiss, Wintergewitter, Uranus & Saturn and a great campaign.
  • A reworked map easier to navigate and with more display mods
  • Axis Alliance strengh : a score to watch closely, because it can influence the fighting spirit of German allies and the policy of Turkey and Finland
  • Yes, Turkey may join the War
  • Some new game mechanisms like the Maskirovka that allows the soviet player to hide whole armies from teh german.

Cauldrons of War – Barbarossa

First game of the serie, it depicts the heavy fightings on the Eastern Front for the year 1941

Key features

  • 4 historical scenarios : Operation Barbarossa, Operation Typhoon, The Moscow Counter-Offensive, The soviet 1941-1942 Winter Offensive
  • Play by e-mail and hot-seat mod
  • A different gameplay for german and soviets
  • No Micro-management, you really are the High-Command
  • A unique operation system
  • A game that don’t shy away from war crimes