Axis units

German Infantry Army

This is a German infantry army. These are strong and worth many Soviet armies, but they lack trucks and have a hard time keeping pace withe the Panzer Armies. If need be, the player can split them into several Corps. The Corps are useful to man a large front or fight partisans.

German 11th Infantry Army

This infantry army is composed of German and Romanian troops. Apart from this point of detail, it behaves like any other German Infantry Army.

German Panzer Army

These are the spearhead of the German invasion. These armies can breaktrough enemy lines and wreak havoc.

However, they need constant refuelling and will easily be isolated from the rest of the front.

German Mountain Corps

This is an infantry army composed of capable troops, specialised in mountain warfare.

You can expect them to shine (i.e. do slighly better) when winter comes.

SS Divisions & other Security Divisions

The Germans have some units to guard the rear of the Werhmacht and fight partisans.

Those units are not really well-suited for frontlines tasks.

Local Militias

The German army may gain some auxiliary forces gathered from Baltic or Ukrainian partisans.

These troops are militias with poor combat performances in frontline battle, but they are useful to fight partisans.

Romanian Army

This infantry army did not perform well during the invasion.

Use them with care, because they will have a hard time fighting their Soviet counterparts.

Romanian Mountain Corps

This elite infantry corps appears in the game should you split the 3rd Romanian Army.

Romanian Cavalry

This cavalry unit appears in the game should you split the 3rd Romanian Army.

Cavalry units are perfect to conduct recon missions.

XIth Corps

This unit appears in the game should you split the 11th Army.

It includes some Romanian units like the 1st Romanian Panzer Division.

Hungarian Fast Corps

This mechnised unit is the cream of the Hungarian army.

However, it is only “mechanised” when compared it to other Hungarian units. Bikes and horses are a common sight in this Fast Corps.

Italian Fast Corps

This is the mechnised part of the Italian Expeditionary Corps.

This is a good unit, but its tanks are rather tins than true killing machines…

Italian Expeditionary Corps

This is a capable unit.

But not strong enough to destroy a Soviet army without proper support.

Soviet units

Soviet Infantry Army

Soviet armies are very different from one another, but most of them will lack trucks and tractors.

Once the surprise of the first weeks has vanished, they will become tough opponents for the Werhmacht. As troops and generals get more experience, they will rise to their full potential.

Soviet Mechanised Corps

Taking notice of the importance of tanks, the Soviets created huge mechanised corps.

Those corps proved to be useless because logistics, poor reliability of tanks and limited crew training made them too vulnerable.

Soviet Cavalry

Cavalry may be one of the most useful unit at the disposal of the Soviet player.

Soviet cavalry may bypass Axis units to raid their rear, threatening the fragile German logistics.

Narodnoé Opoltchenié

Militias are of poor military efficiency, but they can be reinforced without emptying the manpower reinforcement stock of the Soviet fronts.

Agaisnt an exhausted German infantryman, these units may even surprise you with their combativeness!

Fortified Regions

These units are there to keep the fortified areas.

They can really slow down the German onslaught.